The WINGS having its head quarters at Kolkata has also got its corporate office at Salt Lake City. The WINGS has got its North East office in the heart of Guwahati, Assam. Very soon it plans to start operations in other parts of India and abroad.

The WINGS offices have excellent facilities that are utilized by its staff. It has a well equipped training centre for internal trainings. The corporate office has got a seminar room and in-house labs and testing jigs for performance testing of its in-house equipments and the networking hardware that they supply.

The WINGS boasts of an excellent resource of manpower and machineries. Please view our webpage’s related to TEAM The WINGS and INHOUSE EQUIPMENTS.

Fiber Optic toolkit - (Cold Cure epoxy type) DLink Termination of fiber core-for faster termination The WINGS
Fiber Splicing kit - mechanical type (Fiberlok 2501) 3M Core to Core joining of fiber, no requirement of power source during splicing. The WINGS
DTX Cable Analyzer Fluke Revolutionary new future-proof platform for cable testing. The WINGS
SLT-3 Tester Molex The SLT3 Tester provides instant identification of most common voice and data cabling problems including shorts, opens, reversals, and miss wires.??The master and remote units separate for end-to-end testing of installed cabling. Shorts, opens, reversals, or miss wires are easily detected within seconds The WINGS
Intellitone Probe Fluke Get advanced Supervision for locating cables more effectively at patch panels, switches, termination blocks, or hidden within bundles The WINGS
GPS e Trax Vista Garmin Makes survey work on difficult terrain easier and most precise in terms of location & lattitude, longitude, altitude, distance, tracking speed path/route defining The WINGS
Fitel S177A
Core-Alignment Hand-Held Fusion Splicer
Fitel Most compact, lightweight core-alignment splicer in the industry The WINGS
Python Duct Rodders
5/16” –Length 300mtr
Net-Tech Multipurpose Continuous Insulated Fiberglass Rod.
Ideal for fishing electrical conduit and innerduct.
Equally useful to the plumbing industry and More.
AQ7275 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Yokogawa The AQ7275 series including 6 new modules meet a broad range of measurement needs from FTTH to Metro, Core networks and high speed LAN.Dead Zone 0.8m The WINGS
Optical Laser Source Go 4 Fiber Optical Laser Source, 850and 1300nm, with FC SC and ST adaptor The WINGS
Cable IQ Qualification Tester Fluke Copper qualification tester troubleshoots and qualifies cabling speed (10/100/1000/VoIP). The WINGS