Our Specialization

Structured Cabling

Structured CablingStructured Cabling design is the planning, drawing, documentation, and management of the lowest layer of the OSI network model in the physical layer. The physical layer is the foundation of any network whether it is data, voice, video or alarms...


Network Support

Network SupportOur network expertise and knowledge is one of the best in the industry. We have implemented many complex network infrastructures, and have spent a major part of our revenues in developing...


GIS/Remote Sensing

GIS/Remote SensingProviding expert consulting in Resource Mapping through Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Image Interpreation and Analysis, Disaster Management System and more..



Showcase Projects Lead By Our Team Members:


Wipro Limited

Wipro LimitedMaintenance of the total data and voice for Wipro Kolkata Campus is being done by The WINGS posted resident engineers. Also The WINGS does the regular upgradation and extension of Wipro's data and voice network.


SELPLSchweitzer Engineering Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (SELPL)awarded us this project on supply and integration of 12 Kms of ADSS FO SM cable on 220KVA Live Line in BALCO, KorbaChattisgarh, including underground laying of 10 Kms of OFC cable in the same project for Communication part of SELPL’s Islanding Project.

Godrej Sara Lee Ltd.

Godrej Sara Lee Ltd.This is an internet-based application for Monitoring irrigartion schemes of West Bengal, incorporating GIS front-end. It supports standard internet browsers, creates updates and maintains the desired information on total state wise irrigation details.

North Eastern Hill University

North Eastern Hill UniversityTotal Campus Networking for Data and Voice using Fiber Optic Outdoor Cable and UTP CAT6 Cable for data and Multi Pair Copper Cable for voice. OTDR testing done for Fiber Optic Cable and UTP Cable has been tested with DTX Analyser.


SIEMENS LTDProject on supply and integration of 9Kms of ADSS FO SM cable on 220 KVA Live Line in BALCO Korba, Chattisgarh.


FOX & MANDALThe entire Kolkata office Automation of Fox & Mondal has been designed and implemented by us which includes a complete range of HP products starting from Servers, Switches and Wi Fi LAN. The security has been provided using an Sonicwall UTM. The office Server can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a SSLVPN .

Sapoorji and Palonji Co. Limited

Sapoorji and Palonji Co. LimitedData-Voice Networking for both (Active and Passive ) using UTP Cable and accessories along with Ethernet Switches has been done in Mira Towers and Infinity Building.

Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology

GMITGargi Memorial Institute of Technology in Baruipur, West Bengal is an Engineering College with a Campus having FO Connectivity in all its departments. The Campus is also covered with a latest up to date Wireless Hot Spot. We have done thedesigning, supplying andintegration of the entire Campus LAN.

EM Power Trans

>EM Power TransProject on supply and integration of 5Kms of OPGW FO SM cable on 400 KVA Live Line in BALCO Korba, Chhattisgarh.

Genus PowerInfrastructures Ltd

Genus PowerInfrastructures LtdGenus Power the manufacturers of Electrical Digital Meters picked up a Project in entire North East for supply and installation of Digital meters. Our project was on installation of Single and Three phase Digital Electrical Genius Meters in Assam region replacing old Analog meters.


Preparation of Contour Map.

Preparation of Contour Map.A better road management requires a good planning for a new vacant area for the citizen with all accommodation and administrative facilities. Every building located in the map area with their specific area, building shape, area extension and lat and long value. For the contour line features ‘Elevation’ information is required. By the help of GPS machine elevation information has been gathered and lat and long information too. On the basis of contour information digging limitation for undulated area has been fixed up because of the hilly nature of the area it is very much important to identify the slope, grade and the alignment of the plots to be allot.

Rural Electrification Project

Rural Electrification Project, Govt. of IndiaTo generate a new electrification scheme for the interior part of the country government can implement the GIS based technology. For example a block level new electrification program required over all approximate estimate for pole and over head cable in advance and an area overview too. So by the help of GPS machine overall area, pole and door to door survey along with Lat and Long information can be done. On the basis of these field data , in map portion every important information like transformer location and it’s capacity, stay information, existing pole information, pole type information including pole to pole distance, Phase information (Single, double etc.) consumer location with owner name and other service details can be inserted in map portion with respective map symbols in the legend part.

Rajiv Awas Yajona(RAY)-Slum Boundary Demarcation And Municipal Base Mapping

SBDMBP, Rajiv Awas Yajona(RAY)For the slum dwellers and for the urban poor RAY project envisages a ‘Slum-free India’ through encouraging States/Union Territories to tackle the problem of slums in a definitive manner.

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PIMSS Project, Afghanistan

PIMSS AfganistanThe main aim of PIMSS (PROVINCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SYSTEM) is to coordinate and make the decision at the provincial level. It will be able to give all the information to the Afghanistan Govt. as well as provincial and district profile on the development and infrastructure, in order to allow for monitoring and evaluation. It will also deal with the field survey and monitoring teams (FSMTs), which is connected to the central system through mobile services. PIMSS project needs to gather data from different sources and organizations to implement Afghanistan into a common system through suitable programs and projects. This data could be already either existing or need to be build. This geographical data need to have consistency. Therefore, it can be pointed out that data layers must be GIS-enabled.