Skill Domain

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling design is the planning, drawing, documentation, and management of the lowest layer of the OSI network model in the physical layer. The physical layer is the foundation of any network whether it is data, voice, video or alarms, and defines the physical media upon which signals or data is transmitted through the network. Most part of your network is composed of passive devices such as cable, cross-connect blocks, and patch panels. Documenting these network components is critical to keep a network finely tuned. The physical medium can be copper cable, coaxial cable, optical fiber, wireless, or satellite. The WINGS is an expert in this field of Structured Cabling Designing.

Network Support

Our network expertise and knowledge is one of the best in the industry. We have implemented many complex network infrastructures, and have spent a major part of our revenues in developing our own end to end infrastructure among our group members. This capability has a goal and a mean, to offer the best of breed in network support infrastructure to you, as we will expect for ourselves. From local troubleshooting to remote fixing, performance monitoring and consulting, our services can cater to networks of any size.